Make It Count

To travel the world is my ultimate bucket-list. ✈

To Make It Count– to do what these guys did is really one of my biggest challenges and “must-dos” before I die.  Plans change, the people who were supposed to come along for the ride leave, but hey I can do it all by myself.


Travel Bucketlist

Before I die, I must visit all of these “Ancient Cities” ❤

When I was seven for my birthday my mom took me on a trip to Mexico City. I got to travel to all the “Touristy areas” that the city  had to offer including the amazing Aztec Empire that is Teotihuacán. I’ll try to find those pictures and scan them & edit the post. The Sun and Moon pyramids were a sight to see, simply spectacular.

Last year for my senior spring break I decided to go all out and go to Cancun! 😀 Which meant I had to check out the Mayan ruins which included the ancient city of Chichén-Itzá. We spent the entire day at the city-  it was amazing. Check out my epic photo!

Two down 8 more to go! *hopeful*