1st Night out in Sinchon :)

August 25th 2010 
Crossing the international day line made my sleeping schedule quite complex! The first night I arrive I slept, slept and slept! I finally woke up on monday at like 6am, showered and went back to bed! By the time I actually woke up I decided to go and explore the campus.  I had my campus map in hand and decided to look for the library. Being me I obviously got lost and ended up touring Ewha Women’s University instead of Yonsei! haha! Ewha University is directly in front of Yonsei University ( now i know this) but I eventually I did make it to my campus. I got caught in this lovely 90 degree rain, so that was lovely. (sarcasm) I found the library and used the computer for a few hours. After I went back to my room- I heard some students talking in english so I asked them if they were going back to SK Global House, which they were and so we started talking. I had made my first friends! They were from California and were all students at University of California- Irvine. The girls all turned out to be living in the same floor as me & so we all went out to dinner together. I met some other friends from their school and we all got along great .


After dinner we all decided to go out and find the E-mart to buy stuff we needed but we were unsuccessful :/ However, we did get a chance to see Seoul at night and just explore a little bit.


We decided to shop around and see what kind of things they had and ended up at this   acessories store and I bought some stuff :] I also saw some “different accessories” aka swastika earrings! I later found out that they weren’t swastikas but rather the Buddhist symbol! So I guess Korea isn’t that crazy! 😀


Asiana Airlines Flight 271

“I’ve wanted to revisit my travels to South Korea from a few years back. What better way to do it than by reminiscing at old photographs and telling stories!” -Ana 

Monday August 23rd 2010

Lets take a trip back to this past saturday. I arrived at the Sea-tac airport with two luggage bags and a whole bunch of emotions running all through my body. I was really leaving to Seoul, there was no turing back. As my mom helped me carry in my luggage and get in line I said goodbye, she gave me her bendicion (blessings) and told me to take care of me, to stay safe and enjoy my trip over there. It was right then and there that the tears began to come. I asked the guy who was behind me in line if he could watch over my bags as I went back to the car to say goodbye to my little brother and sister. He shrugged a little but he said he would. In less and two minutes I was back in line and that young man who helped me with the luggage turned out to be such a blessing. He not only helped me with my luggage, he made sure I was taken care of at check-in, waited in line with me at immigration and we would even be on the same plane to Seoul. I was super happy that I had made a korean friend already.

His name is Henry, he’s from Busan but lives here in Seattle and he studies at the University of Washington. As we sat at our gate and shared some snacks, he asked me why I was wanting to go to Korea and I found myself not knowing what to answer ;] there was simply too many reasons for this trip. I wanted to be in complete culture shock ( which trust me it did happen once I arrived), I wanted to learn a new language( which will hopefully happen if Im able to register for the classes I need!!) and well I wanted the chance to snag a couple of K-pop Stars (aka Big Bang! <3!)

THE LONG JOURNEY BEGAN and I literally mean long because the flight from Seattle to Seoul was 13 long and lovely hours. Gosh, I dont think I mentally prepared for this flight. Anyways, at least they fed us yummy food! & I had a chance to sit with other Americans which was cool cus I could actually communicate!

After a 13-hour flight I had finally arrived in Seoul. I looked like a hot mess, no joke. I didnt care, shoot I couldnt even manage to take a picture of the “Welcome to South Korea” sign as I left the plane. As I was walking onto the Incheon Airport I realized that I was overdresses, yes overdress. It was a gazillion degrees and my hoodie no longer needed to be in my body. The lines for immigration were SUPER long. I wanted to cry. Luckily Henry was still waiting for even though his line took less than 5 minutes. Oh the perks of holding a Korean Passport! :] We walked together to pick up our luggage and then headed outside to the greeting area. It was crazy, so many people everywhere!

As I looked at the crowd, I quickly saw Jun and then Henry and I said our goodbyes, I thanked him for his help and told him I would hit him up once I was back in Seattle! Jun was holding a sign with my name!  It was like what you see on the movies. He was really nice. Thats him and I on the bus. We took this “limousine bus” that would take us from Incheon to Sincheon ( the bus/metro bus stop for Yonsei). There I met two latinos from Ecuador! Super small world. I was talking to them in spanish for a while. I immediately again though of Riedman ( I had met two latinos within 3o min of my stay in Seoul!) They were only here for a few days, since their final destination was Tokyo.

After arriving at our stop we hopped in a taxi and it took us straight to my dorm. I live at the SK Global House International House. ^^ I went up to my room and left my stuff. Jun helped me find the nearest store on campus and went on his way. I came back- unpacked a bit, tried to get my internet to work and then gave up!! I crashed and basically slept for hours.