You are everywhere

You are everywhere


I am
a series of
small victories
and large defeats
and I am as
as any other
I have gotten
from there to

by Charles Bukowski


Once you realize–

The gift of losing everything is getting to start over without any baggage.

We all deal with loss in our own way. We delve into sadness, depression, angst and we tend to turn back to the basics. We look to our family and friends for support. They hear you out, they offer a shoulder to cry on or they offer you solutions. The reality of it is that there are really no rules, or stages. There is not a “right way” or normal way to handle these situations. We all have our personal journey to overcome and once you are able to overcome these obstacles you really can start anew without any baggage.

Throw Away Your “Calendar” Right Now

Too real.

Thought Catalog

Time is this beautifully complex thing.

Time is this mammoth beast, this incontrollable force, this glowing static of change.

Some people look at clocks and calendars to understand time. They think about their age. They think about PM and AM. They think about the years that pass.

… Holding a dead body will tell you everything you need to know about time. This is time, the awesome emptiness in the eyes of a corpse… that universe which seems to have departed but remains…

Time is funny. Because it’s really the most subjective thing in the world. But we have all these tricks to make us feel like it is objective.

Clocks, calendars, seasons, birthdays, holidays, etc… These illusions of objective time.


The Earth is about five billion years old. Imagine that a movie had been made of the universe from its beginning five billon years ago to today, and that…

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