1st Night out in Sinchon :)

August 25th 2010 
Crossing the international day line made my sleeping schedule quite complex! The first night I arrive I slept, slept and slept! I finally woke up on monday at like 6am, showered and went back to bed! By the time I actually woke up I decided to go and explore the campus.  I had my campus map in hand and decided to look for the library. Being me I obviously got lost and ended up touring Ewha Women’s University instead of Yonsei! haha! Ewha University is directly in front of Yonsei University ( now i know this) but I eventually I did make it to my campus. I got caught in this lovely 90 degree rain, so that was lovely. (sarcasm) I found the library and used the computer for a few hours. After I went back to my room- I heard some students talking in english so I asked them if they were going back to SK Global House, which they were and so we started talking. I had made my first friends! They were from California and were all students at University of California- Irvine. The girls all turned out to be living in the same floor as me & so we all went out to dinner together. I met some other friends from their school and we all got along great .


After dinner we all decided to go out and find the E-mart to buy stuff we needed but we were unsuccessful :/ However, we did get a chance to see Seoul at night and just explore a little bit.


We decided to shop around and see what kind of things they had and ended up at this   acessories store and I bought some stuff :] I also saw some “different accessories” aka swastika earrings! I later found out that they weren’t swastikas but rather the Buddhist symbol! So I guess Korea isn’t that crazy! 😀


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