Happy Global Kissing Day!

“Happy Global Kissing day there’s no one else I’d like to kiss more than you Muah!”

Aww, shucks this was the perfect text to wake up to on a beautiful sunny day in Seattle. I never knew that such holiday even existed! According to my brief research its a holiday that originated in the UK created to bring back the simple pleasure of kissing. The holiday then made it’s way to the United States and Canada and now its been adopted worldwide.

“When I put my lips like this, it means I want you to kiss them”

I’m lucky to have a boyfriend who doesnt mind being all ” cutesey couple” with me and maybe kind of enjoys taking pictures like the one above! ( I said maybe!) Anyways, be sure to give a kiss to your special someone, your brother or sister, or even your parents or friends! Enjoy your weekend, especially all you seattleites since our weather will be gorgeous!

♥ Ana


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