The 30 days of Being Thankful Challenge

I’m sure we’ve all heard the sayings ” Count your blessings” and ” Be thankful for what you have” .   Both thoughts that cross my mind all the time, but maybe not enough. I am so blessed in so many different levels but I never stop and really sit down and see what they are and so I decided to change that.  So starting today I decided to be thankful for one thing each day. I’ll be keeping a list and updating it as each day of June goes by, so here it goes.

June 1st   I am thankful to have such a wonderful little brother. Kekito you are my biggest role-model and I love you very much. You are the drive that keeps me going.  (Happy Bday too ^^ ) 

June 2nd-  Thankful I was able to be part of TEDxYouth@Seattle. It was my first TED event and I was lucky enough to be part of the planning committee but also lucky to have heard such great and inspirational stories. I walked out feeling inspired and empowered to be an agent of social change.

June 3rd- I am thankful to have such a wonderful and super patient boyfriend.  I get easily frustrated when things dont go according to plan, get lost, etc. but he manages to not get mad  at me and is  always nice, loving and gives me the space I need. Mahal Kita <3.

June 4th – Thankful for my new internship with Cynarah and her company. I am eager to start working on projects and learning more about her company. She is such a strong intelligent woman, I am certain I will learn a lot from her.

June 5th- Thankful for my dandy little car fresa. She gets me from point A to B and everything in-between. I dont think  I could depend on public  transportation especially with all these part-time jobs I have.

June 6th– Thankful for my mami. Through thick and thin you always stand by me, yell at me when I need, show me tough love and makes me laugh. Love you mom.

June 7th-  I am thankful for those strangers I’ve met at WWU when I was a junior in high school who  later became my best friends in college and how we still manage to meet up in the midst of our busy lives just for a quick drink in order to catch up in life.

June 8th WWU Alumni– I have never been more proud to be an alumni from a higher education institution. After attending my friend’s graduation ceremony on friday I realized that it doesn’t matter where you graduated from but that you have achieved your dreams ( maybe one of many) and most likely the dreams of your parents,  who most likely  put up with a lot, gave up a lot to have you be where you are today. Remember to always be thankful for all the sacrifices your family/friends/yourself have made in order to be where you are now.  Never forget your roots and be sure to empower  those who will follow after you.

June 9th- After a long week of work/events I was so thankful I could come home Saturday night and have a cuddle session with my mom. I still think I’m her baby. *winks*

June 10th- I am thankful that I love Korean Pop music. (Especially this song) It makes any crappy/sad/blah day completely flip around. Its crazy how a genre of music and completely shift my mood around in the matter of minutes ( especially while driving)

June 11th-  I’m thankful for all the “chill” nights with Marc. We can seriously lay in bed and do nothing for three hours and be perfectly happy, enjoying our conversations, cuddling and him tickling me until I can take it no more.

June 12th-  Last October I became a mentor to a high school senior. She needed some guidance and we ended up having a lot in common, I helped her with college apps, personal statements, boy advice, etc.  Although towards the past couple months we lost contact, today was her commencement ceremony. She didnt know if I was coming or not ( I told her while back I was but her phone was disconnected) and when I finally found her expression was priceless. She was excited and had the biggest smile in her face. I am thankful for these moments where having someone be at an event, hear you out  or just be there for you is a special moment.

June 13th –  I applied for my first USA passport. Not everybody can do this you know 🙂 Only US citizens and to be come one isnt an easy task.

June 14th-  Im very thankful I was able to have a ” heart to heart” with one of my good friends. We hit a rough spot a few months back but despite our argument/misunderstanding we were able to talk through it, apologize and move on with life. 🙂

June 15- I hate writing cover letters/ resumes, etc and today Marc helped me figure these out. He took the time to not only spend the entire day with me but also help me with jobs application despite my not very willing attitude to get them done. Thank you for not giving up on me and always being so encouraging.

June 16- It’s the little things that matter, and this statement couldnt have been truer today. I spent the entire day running errands with my mom, waiting in the car while she grabbed this and that, cleaned the house and give my lil bro a haircut. Nothing fancy but it made my mom happy that I was staying home and helping her instead of working. Lost some $$ but gained lots of quality time with my family.

June 17th- Thankful that my dad arrived back from Alaska safely.

June 18th- Thankful that its finally the last week of school.  11 months are coming to an end hallelujah.

June 19-  Thankful the team meeting was at Tacoma today as I did various things that made me thankful to have been there:  saved some $$ on gas, saw my best friends and spent time catching up and had the most calming drive back to Seattle. Tacoma was dark and gloomy and driving back to Seattle all I could see was blue skies and the sunshine still high up in the air at 7pm.

June 20th- I am thankful for friends who offer to help me clean my office. 🙂  Just a few more days of school left!

June 21st-  I’m thankful for my 8th graders. I saw them graduate today, they clean up nice. The boys were all in suits and nice shirts and some girls who wore nothing but basketball shorts to school were in dresses, heels and had make-up on. Despite my students being bratty- it was nice to see them walk on stage and be recognized. Good luck to them all and I hope that I was able to plant some seeds in the year I worked with them!

June 22nd- I am thankful that TODAY is the LAST day of SCHOOL! *happy dance*

June 23rd–  I am thankful to have met up with one of my really good friends from Korea tonight. Yay Yonsei reunions.

June 24th- I applied for a job on saturday and heard back for an interview for Monday 🙂 I’m thankful I was able to finally hit that ” submit application” button despite my overwhelming attitude and lack of confidence! Baby steps!

June 25th-  I am thankful for my interview today, despite having to drive down from Bellingham to attend it. It wasn’t what I expected but I’m glad I got over my fears 🙂 Good dealio.

June 26th- I’m thankful to be part of ACE (Achievers College Experience)  for the 3rd time as a peer counselor! 🙂 Go Green Squad!!  Check out the awesome picture of all the group!

June 27th- Thankful that Skype was invented. I had the most lovely Skype date with my J. ❤

June 28th- Working 15 hour days at ACE wasnt fun, but the connections I made with some students are priceless so Im glad that I was able to be there, working away.

June 29th-  After a long week of ACE at WWU I was sooo thankful to get back home so I could give my J a big big hug.

June 30th– I am thankful for my  having my family, my boyfriend, my friends in my life. I love you all very much and I cant imagine what I would do without you all.

With that said, today is the first of July aka the best month ever! 🙂 Maybe I’m a bit biased since its my birthday month! 🙂 Anyways, it was great to sit down everyday and document that various things I was thankful for, as it really varied from day to day.

I hope you all take a moment everyday and document all your blessings/things you are thankful for as it really puts things into perspective 🙂

♥ Ana


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